Locals in the News: Allentown, PA Pilot Flies Puppies to Fulton

From the Allentown, PA Morning Call, we noticed the story of a pilot who spends his free time and lots of fuel money to fly abandoned and rescued dogs to new homes.

It’s a lovely story, and Fulton plays a role.

Andrew McGill’s article chronicles a flight from Penn Yan to Fulton:

(Pilot Jack) Merritt bade the pair farewell and throttled back up into the sky. He landed in Fulton, N.Y., and taxied to a stop in front of an SUV bearing a telltale bumper sticker: a cartoon of a dog urinating on the words “puppy mill.” Linda Fadden jumped out, collecting the dachshund mother and her pups.

A rescuer for three years, she tore out all the carpet in her ranch home to accommodate the 21 dogs she’s fostering. The hardest part of being a doggie dowager?

“Giving them all names,” she said, laughing.

Merritt gets the last word in the article. I won’t spoil it for you — go and read the whole thing — but it’s a strong argument for never buying from a pet store.