Lockdown Takes Place at G. Ray Bodley High School

By Mikayla Kemp

FULTON, NY – At about 12:10 p.m. today (April 29), G. Ray Bodley High School was notified by police of a “suspicious individual” in the vicinity of the school.

Superintendent Bill Lynch said a lockdown of the school then ensued.

The police investigated the situation and at 12:25 p.m., they deemed the situation unfounded.

“The individual was found not to be a threat and the school then went back to business,” said Lynch.

The person in question never entered the school, but was found suspicious by people in nearby homes who then notified police.

In the case of a lockdown, students and staff are to remain in the room they are in when the lockdown is put into place.

“The situation could have called for a lockout as opposed to a lockdown. But, when we are reacting quickly, our first thought is of safety,” said Lynch.