Longtime Phoenix O and M Employee Named Director Of Facilities

PHOENIX – After working for the Phoenix Central School District’s Operations and Maintenance Department for 18 years, Jason Godkin recently assumed a new role as director of facilities.

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Jason Godkin

Godkin, a graduate of John C. Birdlebough High School, held several positions within the department throughout the years.

He has served as cleaner, custodial worker, custodian, maintenance worker, maintenance mechanic I, and maintenance mechanic II.

That experience, he noted, provides him with a well-rounded view to aid in his success as director of facilities.

“Having worked in all of the departments helps me to run the department more efficiently,” Godkin said.

With a capital project under way, he noted it is important to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Preparation and communication throughout the process are going to be key as the project moves along, he said.

“There are several phases that I need to be prepared for and decisions I need to make to ensure the efficiency and safety of all of our students and staff,” Godkin said. “Overall, my goal is to make decisions that streamline our operations and continue to make our district the best it can be.”

In addition to the capital project, Godkin is also focusing on the daily operations.

Maintaining clean facilities and ensuring the buildings and grounds are well-kept and safe for the district’s students are his top priority, and he’s looking forward to doing that in his new role.

“I am honored to continue to be a part of a district that I grew up in and have spent my career working for,” he said. “Setting good examples for our students to take pride in their school district will hopefully lead students to take pride in whatever they choose to do.”