Lord’s Servant Leaping

OSWEGO, NY – You’ve heard of Seven Lords a Leaping?

One of the Lord’s servants, Rev. Greg Kreinheder, was found leaping at Trinity Catholic School on May 22.

The students at the school held their 24th annual Sports’ Day.

The event is part of a celebration of National Physical Fitness Month.

Students in Pre-School through Sixth Grade took part in a variety of events testing their skills and abilities.

Rev. Greg Kreinheder, leaping at Trinity Catholic School
Rev. Greg Kreinheder, leaping at Trinity Catholic School

Each student received a T-shirt for the event and students and families were treated to lunch courtesy of the Home & School Association.

Father Greg, from St. Joseph and St. Stephen’s churches, took a “challenge” to beat the four fastest sixth grade students on the obstacle course.

He made a valiant effort as shown here with him leaping over a hurdle; however, the six grade students won.

The event, attended by 300 people, would not have been possible without the efforts of Mr. Ron Lagoe, physical education teacher and the many parents who worked the event.