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September 26, 2018

Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman for Family Court Judge

The upcoming election for Family Court Judge for Oswego County is so important for our community. We are fortunate to have a highly qualified candidate in Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman running for the position.

Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman has more than 14 years of legal experience as an advocate or the children, parents, and grandparents of Oswego County families.

Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman has been very active in our community, serving on many committees and boards that are related to her support for families.

To quote Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman, “As a Family Court Judge I will work to find sensible and impartial solutions to complex problems, while respecting all those who come before the Court”.

Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman has been working very hard to get people to know her as she goes door to door within our county. When you go to the polls please consider Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman as the right choice for the ten year term of Family Court Judge for Oswego County.

Bob Weston

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