Louella LeClair Announces her Re-Election bid for the Oswego County Legislature 25th District

Louella LeClair
Louella LeClair

Louella LeClair recently announced her re-election bid for the Oswego County Legislature, 25th District, which serves almost all of the east side of Fulton. LeClair is a native Fultonian, and lives at 509 Pratt Street. She has three adult children, seven grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. She is an active member of several community organizations. LeClair recently retired from the Oswego County Weeklies so she can devote more time and energy serving the people of Fulton and the greater Oswego County residents.

As a current member of the Oswego County Legislature, LeClair has served for two years on the Community Consumer Affairs Committee. She supported the recent Cold War Veterans tax exemption that passed committee and was just voted into local law. She also served on the Economic Development and Planning Committee for two years, this year she was asked to be the committee co-chairmen. LeClair stated that economic development is her passion. It is jobs and growth that our county needs to bring us into the next century. Jobs and new business will lower taxes, help keep our children working here in the county, and help raise our standard of living. We have the natural resources, hard working residents, and transportation vehicle to make our county shine. That is why she started the Ambassador of Oswego County Program with the personnel of Oswego County Tourism, Operation Oswego County, and Cornell Cooperative Extension, to help educate County residents on all the resources our county has to offer. So when they travel outside of the county they can promote Oswego County and possible bring new business or tourism back home.

LeClair has been appointed by Chairmen Barry Leemann to and is serving on several County Boards. BOA (Brownfield Opportunity Area) Board of Advisors for Fulton, TAC (Tourism Advisory Council), where she was awarded the annual award of Ambassador of Oswego County, and the Fulton Economic Development Board.

LeClair stated she along with other legislators have worked hard to keep taxes in check. Last year taxes were reduced and this year we held the line with no increases during a recession. This is possible by good planning for projects needed to keep our county running efficiently. Many counties in our state are reducing serves and laying off workers to close huge budget deficits. Good fiscal planning has allowed Oswego County to keep its work force employed and the county residents served.

LeClair also started a new project last year, the Oswego County Employee Appreciation Picnic. The hope is it will be an annual event, to show our hard working employees we are grateful for their dedicated work. The picnic is solely funded by legislators and donations from county business. There is no tax dollars spent. The picnic is a family event with legislators cooking and serving the food.

LeClair is endorsed by the County Republican and Independence Party in the November 3 election.


  1. Way to go mom.. WE are so proud of you !! Good Luck !!! love , Colleen, Billy , Brendan ,Lauren and Michael-Ann

  2. We Are very proud of our mother. She always told us to fight for what you feel is right. And she is doing just that. You go mom We love you, Mike,Dede and Girls

  3. Good Luck mom. Your passion for serving the people and revitalizing oswego county should make you a shoe-in for reelection. John, Penny, Ryan, and Hannah.

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