Lunch and Learn Program at Fairgrieve “Adds” Up For Parents and Students

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Approximately 77 parents of second grade students at Fairgrieve Elementary School attended the Lunch and Learn event held recently at the school. Lunch and Learn provides an opportunity to reinforce math skills, promotes parent involvement and is just a fun activity that is academically related. Parents get to enjoy lunch with their child and play games that are math related.

Parents were also given a handout containing additional fun activities that can be continued at home. Each student received a deck of cards that they used to perform the math games. For example, one of the games played was “Facts War” a card game similar to the traditional card game “War”, but with a twist. Each player played two cards and the higher product of the two cards won the hand. Depending on the player’s ability, the game could be played using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or even division.

“We generally have a good turn out for these events,” said Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla who said the event helps to promote parental involvement and connection to the school. Other grade levels also have Lunch and Learn programs. Contact the school for additional information on your child’s grade level.

Door prizes were also drawn from numbers on the participants’ handout and a variety of prizes were awarded to the attendees.

Vince Markowsky, School Home Liason at Fairgrieve, and organizer of the activities, thanked the attendees for coming to the Lunch and Learn saying, “Thanks for coming and remember, the bottom line is – when your children see you here in their building, they know you support their education.”


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