MACNY Announces Waltz Of The Fulton Companies As Innovator Of The Year Award Winner

SYRACUSE, NY- MACNY, The Manufacturers Association announced that Keith R. Waltz of The Fulton Companies has been selected as the 2018 MACNY Innovator of the Year award winner.

Keith R. Waltz
Keith R. Waltz

Waltz was nominated by Dr. Carl N. Nett, Ph.D, on behalf of the entire team at Fulton, for his creative and innovative development of Fulton’s breakthrough VSRT steam boiler product line, which has been instrumental in the recent surge of growth and success for the company.

In his nomination, Dr. Nett said, “Keith was the creative driving force and lead engineer in developing Fulton’s new breakthrough VSRT steam boiler line, the world’s first fully-wetted, refractory-free, tubeless steam boiler. Market response to the VSRT has been overwhelming from nearly day one, with ever-growing demand driving rapid, significant manufacturing capacity expansion at Fulton. Indeed, Keith has owned the VSRT development process from day one – from concept generation through field release – and is well recognized within Fulton as the Father of the VSRT. Simply put, thanks to Keith, it is clear the VSRT will forever change the steam boiler industry, and position Fulton as the global leader in this industry for years to come.”

Throughout his 10-year career at The Fulton Companies, Waltz is described by his nominator Dr. Nett as “an innovator’s innovator.”

In his role as senior research and development systems engineer, Waltz has been fundamental in developing processes and implementing new technologies to support ever-growing and changing customer needs in the boiler industry.

Fulton has more than 15 patents pending globally on the inventions that comprise the VSRT boiler, with Waltz as the lead inventor on each of these patents.

When submitting the nomination, the team at Fulton was adamant that the success of the Fulton VSRT product line would not have been possible without the exemplary leadership, teamwork, innovation and work ethic of their friend and colleague Waltz , and wanted to honor him and his dedication to Fulton’s company success in this nomination.

Dr. Nett said, “If I could only pick one engineer from all the engineers I have known in my career to be part of my team, my choice would readily be Keith. It is in my experience – spanning 30 years of leadership in new product development – very rare to come across an engineer that excels in all phases of the innovation process to the extent that Keith does.”

The MACNY Innovator of the Year Award, sponsored by Corning, Inc. was created at the suggestion of MACNY member Executives and CEOs, as a way to nominate and recognize individuals within a company who consistently demonstrate forward thinking ideas in the areas of technology, innovation, and advancement of products and production.

Waltz has been coached by and worked closely with his nominator, Dr. Nett at The Fulton Companies, since 2013.

“On behalf of MACNY, I would like to extend my congratulations to Keith and Fulton on the receipt of this well-deserved honor,” said MACNY president and CEO Randy Wolken. “We were pleased to receive nominations for many well-qualified candidates who are considered outstanding innovators by their peers and colleagues. The Committee was thoroughly impressed by Keith, and not only for his innovation and the success he has brought to the company, but for the clear respect, admiration, and gratefulness of everything Keith does day in and day out that was exhibited by his nominator, Dr. Nett, on behalf of the whole team at Fulton. On behalf of the MACNY membership, we look forward to recognizing Keith and The Fulton Comapnies for their many innovative achievements at MACNY’s 105th Annual Dinner.”

As part of MACNY’s tradition, Waltz will be honored at MACNY’s 105th Annual Dinner, in front of his colleagues and an audience of more than 600 manufacturers and business leaders from Central and Upstate New York.

The dinner will be held at the SRC Arena and Events Center in Syracuse on May 24. For tickets or additional information, please contact Cindy Nave at 315.474.4201 ext 11, or [email protected]

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