Maffei Announces Infrastructure Survey

SYRACUSE, NY – U.S. Representative Dan Maffei today (Feb. 28) announced he has released a survey to people and businesses across Central New York soliciting their input on the challenges facing local infrastructure and ideas to improve the structural framework that supports our local communities.

This survey comes as part of Rep. Maffei’s recent work to improve infrastructure, including a series of roundtables with local businesses and stakeholders.

“In order for our local businesses to grow, hire new workers, and create more jobs, they need 21st Century infrastructure and transportation options,” said Rep. Maffei. “We need to make smart investments in infrastructure so our businesses can compete, talented professionals can market their skills to the world, and Central New York can become an even more attractive place for companies to invest and grow their workforce.”

Improving infrastructure is a key component of Rep. Maffei’s jobs plan released last year.

Rep. Maffei is encouraging Central New Yorkers to participate in the survey throughout the month of March.

Rep. Maffei will be sending this survey to local municipal leaders and business organizations.

Additionally, residents across the 24th District can fill out the survey online here or fill out a printed copy and send it to any of Rep. Maffei’s offices.

“The solutions to the problems facing our local communities won’t come from Washington, they’ll come from people across Central New York,” said Rep. Maffei. “That’s why I’m asking people across the 24th District – businesses, local stakeholders, and every day citizens – to fill out this survey so we can work together on finding solutions to the challenges facing Central New York’s infrastructure.”