Maffei Introduces Print Act

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Dan Maffei today (Sept. 19) introduced the Print Act, a bill that could save more than $300 million annually by requiring all federal agencies to print documents in more efficient fonts to save ink and paper.

It also ends the delivery of printed copies of the Congressional Record to members of Congress and modernizes publishing moving more to online and digital.

This legislation supports Rep. Maffei’s ongoing efforts to root out waste and save taxpayer dollars by bringing more accountability, new efficiencies, and more transparency to government operations.

“Making strategic cuts and saving taxpayer dollars are among my top priorities,” said Rep. Maffei. “The Print Act could save hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars each year by requiring the federal government to make commonsense changes to printing and bringing new efficiencies to agency operations.”

Rep. Maffei has always supported commonsense measures that save taxpayer dollars and bring more accountability to federal government operations.

The Print Act gives clear guidelines for government printing, which costs taxpayers approximately $2 billion a year.

Specifically, the Print Act does the following:

(I) Requires the GPO to adjust the fonts used in the documents they print if the change would be cost-effective, reduce printing costs, and be appropriate for the document.  It applies the change to contractors that do printing for the federal government.

(II) Prohibits the delivery of the Congressional Record to Members of the House and the Senate.  About 2,350 copies of the Congressional Record are printed every day and many are delivered to Congressional offices at a cost of more than $23 million a year.  The information contained in the printed copies is easily accessible online.

(III) Changes the name of the Government Printing Office to the Government Publishing Office to reflect an increased focus on digital publications and the need to reduce unnecessary printing costs.

Garamond is one of the most efficient fonts identified by the Government Services Administration

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