Magner Defends Mr. Supermodified Crown at Oswego

By – Chris Porter
Photo – Jim Feeney

Bob Magner successfully defended his Mr. Supermodified title Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway, besting Jason Spaulding in lapped traffic en route to pocketing the $10,000 dollar prize. It was Magner’s first win this season – a season that up to this point hadn’t been too fun for the Double-Deuce Racing No. 22 crew.

After taking the lead away from Spaulding, Magner faced no other challengers. On a late-race restart, he walked away from his closest chasers. Greg Furlong, Doug Didero and Otto Sitterly could only fight it out for second place, as Magner had them covered.

Listen toBob Magner on his Mr. Supermodified win

Spaulding and Snyder led the 23-car field to the green to start the night’s main event. However, before the field could make to the checkered stripe, Todd Stowell spun his No. 89 to the inside off the fourth turn and Ray Graham, Jr. busted his front-left suspension after making contact. Stowell would return but the night was over for Oswego’s most recent feature winner, Graham.

A complete restart saw Spaulding’s No. 23 jump ahead of Snyder’s No. 0. Jerry Curran, Magner and Furlong chased the lead duo across the line to finish lap No. 1.

Winning his qualifying heat earlier in the evening, Curran made quick work of Snyder, shooting underneath the No. 0 on lap No. 2. It took him just one lap to reel in  Spaulding.

However, just two trips around Oswego’s fast 5/8 mile later, Curran’s bid for the lead ended. Looking for a way around Spaulding, Curran looped his No. 24, just off the fourth turn. A few tense moments passed by as cars darted high and low to avoid t-boning the No. 24. Curran and the No. 24 car were OK and both were pushed away to restart at the tail-end of the field.

With four laps in the books, Spaulding led Snyder, Magner, Furlong and Didero. Stephen Gioia, III, Joe Gosek, Dave McKnight, Pat Lavery and Sitterly completed the top 10. Joey Payne, Keith Shampine, Lou LeVea, Keith Gilliam and Hal LaTulip rounded out the top 15.

After two quick spins by Bob Bogwicz and Stowell, Spaulding led the field back to racing. On the restart, Gosek darted underneath Gioia’s No. 9, moving into sixth place. Up front, Spaulding began to creep away.

Lap No. 11 saw Magner work his way under Snyder’s No. 0, earning him the runner-up position. Spaulding held a five-car length lead. However, Magner began to cut into it as the laps ticked away.

The action slowed again on the 15th lap after Snyder’s No. 0 spun in turn No. 2. Behind him, the field scattered, leading McKnight’s No. 08 to catch a wheel from another competitor and come to a rest just ahead of Snyder. McKnight exited the track via the hook while Snyder was pushed away.

On the restart, Spaulding eased out ahead of Magner‘s No. 22. Five lengths behind the lead duo, Furlong was locked in a race-long battle with Didero. Gosek soon joined the fight for third and after Sitterly moved around Gioia’s No. 9 to take away sixth place, he made it a four-car battle for the final podium position.

A spin by LeVea’s No. 61 in turn No. 2 drew the caution lights on the 23rd lap. With 22 trips now in the books, Spaulding, Magner, Furlong, Didero and Gosek commanded the top five positions. Sitterly, Gioia, Payne, Lavery and Shampine rounded out the top 10.

Looking both high and low, Magner looked a little anxious for the lead on the restart. However, Spaulding maintained his line and continued his quest for his first feature win and the $10,000 dollar prize.

On the 28th lap, Gosek looked to the outside of Didero as they two raced down the front stretch. He ran out of room and suddenly saw Sitterly’s No. 7 slipping under him, taking fifth place away. Gosek eventually pulled into the pits with mechanical woes on lap No. 34.

After his turn-two spin, LeVea was never given a courtesy lap. That led to him being pushed out of the pits while the field was taking the green. It also may have led to Spaulding’s eventual downfall.

Up front, Spaulding was still looking strong. However, once catching LeVea’s No. 61, his preferred line was taken away. Magner quickly closed in and as Spaulding made another attempt to move around LeVea’s No. 61, his No. 23 drifted into the marbles of turn No. 1. pouncing at the opportunity, Magner shot under the leader and around LeVea.

Spaulding slid back to fifth, as Magner took command. Furlong, Didero and Sitterly sat between the new and former leader.

Magner had pulled out to a comfortable 10-car length lead, but lost the breathing room on the 42nd lap following a spin by Shampine’s No. 88.

With just nine laps to go, Magner led the field back to green flag racing. He wasted no time in pulling away. Furlong could do nothing but watch the No. 22 run towards the checkered flag while he continued to fight off challenges by Didero and Sitterly.

Magner cruised the final few laps unchallenged, sealing his second straight Mr. Supermodified win.

Furlong earned his best finish of the season, crossing the line in second.

Listen toGreg Furlong on his second-place finish

Having badly damaged the front-left section of his nose wing early in the race, Didero settled for third.

Listen toDoug Didero on his third-place run

Collecting another top-five finish and very much on track to earning himself another track championship, Sitterly finished in fourth.

Listen toOtto Sitterly on his fourth-place feature finish

Picking up the Super Racing News “Up & Comer” award, Payne was able to work his way around Spaulding to earn a fifth-place finish.

Listen toJoey Payne on his fifth-place feature run in the No. 99

Having led for more than half the race, Spaulding impressed many with a solid run. It wasn’t the dream finish he and many in the grandstands were hoping for, but it remained a strong sixth-place run.

Listen toJason Spaulding on his early lead and sixth-place finish

Mr. Supermodified 50:

1. Bob Magner (22), 2. Greg Furlong (72), 3. Doug Didero (3), 4. Otto Sitterly (7), 5. Joey Payne (99), 6. Jason Spaulding (23), 7. Stephen Gioia, III (9), 8. Pat Lavery (2), 9. Keith Shampine (88), 10. Keith Gilliam (87), 11. Hal LaTulip (56), 12. Lou LeVea (61), 13. Dan Connors, Jr. (01), 14. Tim Snyder (0), 15. Joe Gosek (00), 16. Bentley Warren (15), 17. Dave McKnight (08), 18. Lou LeVea, Jr. (04), 19. Jerry Curran (24), 20. Todd Stowell (89), 21. Bob Bogwicz (09), 22. Michael Barnes (66), 23. Ray Graham, Jr. (90)

Heat #1: 1. Magner (22), 2. Furlong (72), 3. Gosek (00), 4. Didero (3), 5. Shampine (88), 6. LeVea (61), 7. LaTulip (56), 8. Bobwicz (09)

Heat #2: 1. Stowell (89), 2. McKnight (08), 3. Snyder (0), 4. Gioia (9), 5. Sitterly (7), 6. Gilliam (87), 7. Conners, Jr. (01)

Heat #3: 1. Curran (24), 2. Graham (90), 3. Spaulding (23), 4. Lavery (2), 5. Payne (99), 6. Warren (15), 7. Barnes (66), 8. LeVea, Jr. (04)