Maiden Voyage – Rowe Runs Away with Bud Light SBS Classic

OSWEGO, NY – There’s a first for everything.  More true words could not have been spoken after Saturday night’s 19th annual Bud Light SBS Classic 60 at Oswego Speedway, which saw Cameron Rowe pull into Chris Nelson Insurance Victory Lane with his first career triumph in the marquee event worth $2,200.

Rowe was behind the wheel of the brand new FFB Chassis No. 74, owned by Denise Merrill, which had never seen a green flag until Saturday night’s Classic event.

Rowe battled pole sitter David LaTulip on the high side early on before blasting into sole possession of the lead at lap two, and went on to capture the victory in dominating fashion.  Rob Pullen, Dave Cliff, Andrew Schartner, Russ Brown, Tim Barbeau, Mark Castiglia, AJ Bernys, Kreig Heroth, and Tim Gareau filled the Top 10 positions.

“I’m ecstatic,” exclaimed Rowe in Chris Nelson Insurance Victory Lane.  “Dan Dennie builds the best car, and I believe this is the best FFB car ever sitting right there.  That car has only been on the track two times this week and look where it is.  We rented the track on Tuesday and we were a little nervous but Dan Dennie knows his stuff.”

Rowe went on to explain the differences between a 30-lap and a 60-lap race, and how the car adapted.

“We wondered how it would go because we typically only do 30-lap races,” said Rowe.  “You always wonder how the tires will handle 60-laps and I think all the cautions hurt us some tonight, the car would push and then get a little loose, but other than that the thing was virtually unchanged once the thing got up and going.”

LaTulip and Rowe brought the 26-car field to green on Saturday night and it took a couple laps for Rowe to work passed LaTulip to gain the point.  Once Rowe gained sole possession of the lead he immediately began to pull away from the rest of the field comprised of LaTulip, Barbeau, Mike Bruce, Jack Patrick, and Pullen.

Further back, Brown was on the charge in the No. 13 from 11th position.  By lap six Brown had worked to the high side of Jason Simmons, Mike Bond, and Chris Proud to move to seventh in the order.  However, on lap eight the entire complexion of the event changed.

LaTulip washed high allowing Barbeau to slip through on the inside and in the process Bruce quickly closed in on the back bumper of LaTulip.  The two drivers touched sending LaTulip around, setting up a total log jam in the third corner as several cars became involved.

Patrick, Bond, and Proud would get the worst of it as each would have to be hooked off the Speedway, ending their nights.  Bruce, LaTulip, Dalton Doyle, Barry Kingsley, Andrew Schartner, and AJ Bernys were all able to continue on and regain their positions on the Speedway.

On the restart Rowe led Barbeau, Pullen, Brown, Schartner, Cliff, Kingsley, Castiglia, Bernys, and Kreig Heroth to green.  As the field sorted out, the front six cars checked out from the rest of the field with Pullen eventually working around Barneau for second into turn three on lap nine.  Brown would next drive around Barbeau on the following circuit to move to third.  With the latest shuffle within the top six, that group still continued to pull away from the rest of the pack.

Another caution would wave on lap 23 for Lou LeVea Jr. and LaTulip.  The caution would allow Pullen and Brown to close back in for the restart, but again the top two would have nothing for the leader.  Meanwhile, Cliff had managed to drive under Schartner for fifth on lap 25 before yet another game changing moment.

Brown finally got a run on the low side of Pullen out of turn two for second but as he looked low his right front caught the left rear bumper of Pullen shredding his tire to bring out another caution.  Brown was forced to head pit side in the No. 13 moving Babreau back to third ahead of Cliff and Schartner in the Top 5.

After the restart Rowe and Pullen quickly charged away from the rest of the pack with a tight battle being waged between Barbeau, Cliff, and Schartner for third on the Speedway.

The race’s third caution would wave on lap 29 as Josh Kerr and Kingsley made contact out of turn four sending the No. 91 around.  Both Kerr and Kingsley would have to go to the tail of the field.  On the restart Pullen would try Rowe on the high side for the point but was unable to make it stick and just one lap later Kerr would bring out the caution yet again, halting Pullen’s momentum.

Halfway through the event the green lights came on again with Rowe steadily walking away from the field.  At lap 37 the Top 5 remained Rowe, Pullen, Barbeau, Cliff, and Schartner, but that would change just laps later.

Both Cliff and Schartner were able to slip under Barbeau for third and fourth on lap 41 going into turn one.  The No. 77 of Cliff and the No. 18 of Schartner would quickly pull away from Barbeau and begin to close on the No. 2 of Pullen.

After Cliff and Schartner found their way passed Barbeau, Brown continued his charge as well from the tail of the field.  Lap 45 saw Brown work under Bernys out of turn four to move to seventh as he now had the Top 5 within his sight.

With just over 10-laps to go it looked as though Rowe was beginning to falter as both Pullen and Cliff began to close on the leader.  As the lap counter turned passed 50, Rowe once again found his groove and pulled back away from second and third.

With the front four positions settled in Brown continued to pass racecars from the back of the pack as he made his way around Barbeau to move into the Top 5 behind the wheel of the No. 13.  But up front it was all Cameron Rowe racing onto the victory ahead of Pullen, Cliff, Schartner, and Brown.

Pullen, driving another FFB chassis, looked good on his way to a runner-up finish.

“I’m a little tired, but it’s not too bad,” said Pullen on the Budweiser interview podium.  “The end of the race there, the last six laps, I think my engine was spitting a little oil, and it got kind of hard to see as everything was getting a little bit blurry.  I was glad to hang onto second.”

Cliff driving the Chris Tedd owned No. 77, typically driven by Rowe, found himself on the podium of the SBS Classic yet again.

“At one point with about 15 to go Rob and I both closed up on Cameron,” said Cliff.  “But I was up under Tim (Barbeau) a couple times earlier and I think I wasted too much time getting by him.  I was getting a little loose at the end, it may have been some of the oil from Rob, but I am certainly happy to finish third.  I’d like to think Chris Tedd for giving me the ride.”

Payne Leads Every Lap for TQ Midget Victory

All season long Joey Payne talked about winning the Bud Light ATQMRA TQ Midget Classic, and Saturday night he pulled it off at Oswego Speedway.  Behind the wheel of the No. 51 machine, Payne jumped out front early on and easily handled the field on the way to victory.  Payne bested Ryan Tidman, Robin Johnston, Matt Roselli, and Frank Fischer for the prestigious win.

“I started out driving these cars a long time ago and they really teach you good car control,” said Payne.  “They are a great training ground, they teach you to make tight moves and get through traffic.”

Payne went on to comment on his chances for the International Classic 200 on Sunday.

“Some guys change their cars a lot for time trials, but we didn’t,” said Payne.  “We ran 16.7, last year that would have put me fifth, this year we’re 17th.  The track got real fast on Saturday, but Mike Muldoon builds one hell of a car and I know we will be good for 200-laps.”

The beginning of the TQ main event was caution riddled with three yellow flags coming out in the first seven laps.  Throughout it all Payne held the point over Roselli, Johnston, Tidman, and Matt Janisch.  On the lap seven restart Johnston found a good bite in the No. 13 working underneath Roselli for the runner-up spot.  Another lap later Tidman would also work passed Roselli to move into position number three.

With Payne charging away out front, Tidman continued to gain momentum working underneath Johnston for second going into turn three on lap 12.  With Tidman on the charge he still would have nothing for Payne, as he continued to strengthen his lead out front.

As the laps continued to tick away the front three runners of Payne, Tidman, and Johnston easily walked away from the field setting themselves up for podium finishes on Bud Light Night at International Classic Weekend.

A complete ISMA Supermodified story will be submitted by Carol Haynes of ISMA.

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Oswego Speedway

Oswego, NY

Bud Light Night at International Classic Weekend
Bud Light SBS Classic, ISMA SuperNationals, TQ Midget Classic


Saturday, September, 2nd – Budweiser International Classic 200 – Second Round Time Trials at noon

Pathfinder Bank SBS Series

Bud Light SBS Classic Consi (10-laps, 4 qualify): 1. 5 – Tim Gareau, 2. 04 – Kreig Heroth, 3. 95 – Lou LeVea Jr., 4. 47 – Jon Tesoriero, 5. 1 – Anthony Losurdo, 6. 65 – Kevin Jackson, 7. 43 – Will Hadcock, 8. 99 – Dennis Rupert, 9. 44 – Justin Connell
** 99 – Dennis Rupert earns commitment provisional

Bud Light SBS Classic (60-laps): 1. 74 – Cameron Rowe, 2. 2 – Rob Pullen, 3. 77 – Dave Cliff, 4. 18 – Andrew Schartner, 5. 13 – Russ Brown, 6. 79 – Tim Barbeau, 7. 69 – Mark Castiglia, 8. 24 – AJ Bernys, 9. 04 – Kreig Heroth, 10. 5 – Tim Gareau, 11. 98 – Jason Simmons, 12. 22 – Mike Bruce, 13. 47 – Jon Tesoriero, 14. 88 – Brad Haynes, 15. 91 – Barry Kingsley, 16. 28 – Stan Gates, 17. 87 – Bryan Haynes, 18. 95 – Lou LeVea Jr., 19. 17 – David LaTulip, 20. 8 – Josh Kerr, 21. 99 – Dennis Rupert, 22. 9 – Jack Patrick, 23. 3 – Chris Proud, 24. 26 – Mike Bond, 25. 01 – Dalton Doyle, 26. 93 – JJ Andrews


Heat 1 (8-laps):  1. 36 – Jon Gambuti, 2. 39 – Alison Cumens, 3. 33 – Frank Fischer, 4. 77 – Shaun Gosselin, 5. 98x – Mike Barnes, 6. 18 – AJ Fuge

Heat 2 (8-laps): 1. 1b – Ryan Tidman, 2. 53 – Buddy Sload, 3. 13 – Robin Johnston, 4. 01 – Matt Janisch, 5. 98 – Matt Roselli, 6. 71 – Ray Sand Jr.

TQ/Supermodified Shootout, Honoring Joe Payne Sr. (6-laps): 1. 51 – Joey Payne, 2. 98 – Matt Roselli, 3. 36 – Jon Gambuti, 4. 1b – Ryan Tidman, 5. 53 – Buddy Sload, 6. 39 – Alison Cumens

TQ Midget Classic (25-laps): 1. 51 – Joey Payne, 2. 1b – Ryan Tidman, 3. 13 – Robin Johnston, 4. 98 – Matt Roselli, 5. 33 – Frank Fischer, 6. 01 – Matt Janisch, 7. 39 – Alison Cumens, 8. 77 – Shaun Gosselin, 9. 18 – AJ Fuge, 10. 71 – Ray Sand Jr., 11. 53 – Buddy Sload, 12. 52 – Don Adams, 13. Jon Gambuti, 14. 98x – Mike Barnes, 15. 1 – Mike Roselli