Malone: Dems Didn’t Ask For Open House

Letter to the Editor:
As one fifth of the county legislature’s Democrat caucus, I can say with certainly that I did not ask for County Clerk Mike Backus to hold an open house or luncheon.  I think if Backus thinks members of the Democrat caucus called for him to hold anything, then he’s having more fantasy dreams than Dorothy.

In his most recent letter, Backus said the Democrats asked for him to host an open house.

In one of his previous letters it was the Democrats, the Republicans and the members of his staff.

Next it will probably be the cowardly lion, the tin man and the scarecrow.

Backus might better head down the yellow brick road to see if the man behind the curtain has anything in his bag for him, like an anti-distortion device.

Backus keeps inviting me to go see him at his office, but he doesn’t say when he’s going to be there and I hear that he’s not there much.

I know he wasn’t in last Friday afternoon so maybe he can stop in to see me at my garage when his hot air balloon breaks down.

Legislator Doug Malone