Malone Seek Oswego Town Highway Superintendent Position

OSWEGO TOWN – Robert Malone Jr. announces candidacy for town of Oswego Highway Superintendent.

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Robert Malone Jr.

Malone, a registered Republican, will be running on the Republican and Conservative lines.

Malone, a lifelong resident of Oswego Town, graduated from Hannibal High School and Technical Career Institute with a major in diesel mechanics and is currently employed with Town of Oswego Highway Department.

Malone resides with his wife, Rachel, and daughter on Hall Road.

“As a an 18-year veteran of our highway department, I have made a career out of the town of Oswego. I have driven every mile of road in Oswego Town. I know every guard rail, cul-de-sac, and road sign, and I have personally worked with many of the town’s residents on their highway concerns,”
he said. “If elected, I pledge to devote myself to managing and maintaining our highway department. Being highway superintendent is not a part-time job. I know what it takes and it takes full time attention and experienced leadership. I pledge to run it that way. I will continue to work within our budget to deliver the best possible service that the town can offer.”