Malone’s Garage goes Solar

OSWEGO TOWN, NY – Along with a good business decision, Doug Malone, owner of Malone’s Garage in the town of Oswego, also improved his carbon footprint by recently installing a 48 panel solar photovoltaic system.

Pyrus Energy, of Weedsport, installed Malone’s new solar system and secured a NYSERDA grant for Malone’s to help fund the project.

Malone's Garage goes Solar
Malone’s Garage goes Solar

NYSERDA provides renewable energy grants for eligible systems installed by approved installers.

NYSERDA grants are given to homes, small business, farms, municipalities and there are special programs for larger businesses cooperatives.

With the expertise of a Pyrus energy reduction consultant, Malone was able to consider both solar pv or a wind turbine as options in providing the electricity he needed to run his business.

Both renewable energy options would work at his site, so it came down to which system provided the best return on his investment.

The 48 American made Sharp 240 watt panels are estimated to produce 96% of Malone’s annual electricity needs.

After taking into consideration the NYSERDA grant and the tax benefits, Malone’s payback will be five years.

With a 25-year warranty on the solar panels, Malone is assured multiple returns on his investment.

On top of that, Malone’s Garage new solar PV system will reduce green house gas emission by 195 tons of CO2 over the life of the system.

That is equivalent to 659,799 miles driven by a compact car or 7,786 trees planted.