Man Drowns at Fair Haven Beach State Park

UPDATE: 10:00 p.m.  Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould reports that the victim is Marcos A. Peralta, 27, of Oswego.

Gould says Peralta had jumped into the water from the pier, where swimming is not allowed, with several friends and members of his family.

They told police Peralta appeared to be struggling and was panicking.  Several of the people in the water with him tried to help him but he became unresponsive.

Efforts to revive Peralta continued all the way to Oswego Hospital, where he was declared dead.

The Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate the drowning.  Call Det. Schenck at 253-3545 with information.


Police say a man drowned after jumping or falling off the east pier at Fair Haven Beach State Park on Sunday.

At around 3:45, Cayuga County 911 received a call reporting a man in the water at the park.

Efforts by lifeguards and later, rescue crews to save the man were unsuccessful.

The victim’s name has not been released.  He is said to be in his upper 20s.

The park opened for swimming on Saturday, though swimming off the pier in the channel that leads into Little Sodus Bay is not allowed.

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  1. i know this young man hes my friend marcos is his name he lives the next door over from me R.I.P MARCOS we love n miss u homiie

  2. There’s a reason why these signs are posted in the first place. It’s not because park officials want to be jerks, it’s because the area is known to be hazardous for people to swim in. If you saw a sign warning you of High Voltage would you go playing with the wires?

  3. I would love to know how many folks have drowned from going off the pier? I bet I know how to get people to know just how dangerous it is…Paint Their Names and date of death on the piers near the no swimming painted marks!

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