Man Who Allegedly Tried To Run Down Cop Rejects Plea Deal

OSWEGO, NY – An Oswego Town man who allegedly lead police on a high-speed chase last fall, attempting at one point to run over an officer, has rejected a plea bargain.

The Oswego County District Attorney’s Office offered Peter Losurdo III, 52, of Route 104, the opportunity to plead guilty to first-degree reckless endangerment, third-degree criminal mischief and attempted aggravated assault on a police officer. The charges are all felonies.

If he did so, he’d face 3.5 years in state prison, 3.5 years of probation and restitution.

Last September, Losurdo was charged with (felonies) attempted murder, menacing a police officer, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment as well as criminal mischief, misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and obstructing government administration.

He was also charged with a number of vehicle and traffic violations.

“He’s not interested in entering a plea. We actually spoke with Mr. (assistant district attorney Mark) Moody yesterday afternoon,” Losurdo’s attorney Jack Connors said today (Jan. 27). “So, he is aware of my client’s position.”

He said he’d talk to his client again and if he had a change of heart he would notify the court.

“You did take into consideration that the court took into consideration the fact that (Mr. Losurdo) has many mental health issues and is on, I guess, 20 different medications and the purposed disposition was actually the minimum sentence?” asked Oswego County Court Judge Walt Hafner.

“Minimum, correct,” the defense replied.

By rejecting the plea, Losurdo could possibly receive a much longer sentence, the judge pointed out. He asked the attorney if his client’s mental health was clouding his judgment currently.

“I don’t believe so,” the lawyer said. His client, standing next to him, shook his head in agreement.

“Let’s put it over to the first of March and see what happens,” Hafner said.

The defense attorney reiterated that he would chat with Losurdo again and inform the court of any change of heart.

At about 6:30 p.m. Sept. 9, 2010, Fulton police attempted to pull over Losurdo for speeding on Route 481 near Shaw Street.

Instead of stopping, he allegedly drove away, at speeds reaching 90 mph.

Oswego County Sheriff’s deputies joined the pursuit.

After entering Oswego, Losurdo reportedly turned into the Tim Hortons parking lot on East First Street. According to the police reports, officers blocked Losurdo’s vehicle and a police officer approached him.

Losurdo allegedly drove his vehicle at the Oswego police officer; he missed him but rammed Oswego police and county patrol vehicles.

The chase then began again; the suspect vehicle fled west on Utica Street, struck a tree and caused some property damage on West Utica Street at Fifth Avenue, then continued on Fifth Avenue toward State Route 104, according to reports. As the pursuit continued, other Oswego County Sheriff’s vehicles were struck by the suspect vehicle.

The suspect vehicle then traveled west on State Route 104 and exited the city of Oswego. It was then that Oswego Police units discontinued their involvement in the pursuit.

The vehicle finally stopped at, what was later to be determined as, the suspect’s residence on State Route 104 approximately a half mile west of the city of Oswego.

The suspect exited his vehicle and as responding officers from the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department and Fulton Police Department confronted him, he allegedly displayed a folding knife.

Officers took Losurdo into custody with the use of a Taser.