Many Pay So Few Can Play!

To The Editor:
On Thursday 6/13/2019 your Oswego County Legislative body passed another resolution authorizing the building of a ten-plane hanger at the Oswego County Airport.

The cost of this will be $100,000 local share. Now a $865,000 grant and $300,000 pay back from the State will pay for this hanger.

Every time the county airport receives a grant it’s like putting a lien on the property.

Right now, the county is upside down with the county airport to the Federal Government. Not a smart thing to do in your own private life but it seems to be OK if you’re a county government.

So, 54,000 taxpayers pay so 56 Oswego County residents can park their planes at the airport.

You all have heard the term “You have to spend money to make money” I’m sure.

Well that is very true if the money you spend is your own and you are making a profit after you make your investment.

If you continue to invest and continue to lose money you close the business.

If you’re a county you just keep on investing your taxpayers’ money and you just keep on losing their money.

In 2015 the loss was $205,000, in 2016 the loss was $79,000, in 2017 the loss was $66,000, in 2018 the loss was $68,000, in 2019 the budget calls for a possible loss of $100,000.

Now the new hanger would bring in (if all spots are rented) $27,000 a year, which means the loss would be an average loss of $41,000 a year.

Claims the new hanger will bring in a total of $1,242,000 over the course of the life of the building.

But during that time the airport will lose, $1,886,000. For a net loss of $644,000 taxpayers’ dollars.

Government should only be spending taxpayers’ money on services for the taxpayers. Like County Highway, Highway Patrol, Jail, DMV, Transfer Stations, etc.

The County Airport does not and will never supply any services to the taxpayers.

For all of the above reasons I voted against this resolution.

Many should not pay for a few to play.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr., 25th District

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  1. Get rid of the white elephant. No need to have this anchor around the taxpayers neck. Been saying this for years….

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