Marine Museum to Host Oswego Middle School Wear It! Art Show

OSWEGO, NY – Wear It! Oswego-themed artwork crafted by Oswego Middle School students will be on display throughout the month of July at the H. Lee White Marine Museum.

“The museum’s mission is to preserve and present the maritime history of Oswego Harbor and the surrounding waterways. Safety on water has and will continue to play an important role in the maritime industry,” said Mercedes Niess, executive director of the museum. “That is why we are proud to display the artwork of Oswego Middle School students and provide another avenue to convey the message that ‘life jackets save lives.’”

The artwork was created under the tutelage of Oswego Middle School art teachers Erin Platten and Linda Shannon. The medium selected for the two projects differs, but the objectives were the same: to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a life jacket whenever recreating on or near water.

According to Platten, “A total of 136 of my seventh and eighth grade students who worked on the project were very enthusiastic about Wear It! Oswego, and the opportunity to learn Adobe Illustrator, a highly-advanced drawing and graphic design software.”

Students assembled pictures found on websites correlating to the Wear It! Oswego campaign to use as references.  After completing the digital drawings, students worked with them in another computer program, Adobe Photoshop, to place the Wear it Oswego logo onto the projects.

“All of my seventh grade classes, a total of 65 students, used the Eric Carle method of illustration. Carle is the author of popular books such as The Very Busy Spider and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children prepared paper using paint, crayons, and markers to cut into the shapes to create critters of all kinds, except people,” said Shannon. “The students added titles like, ‘Turtles don’t WEAR IT…People Do’ and then glued the Wear it Oswego logo onto their poster.”

In addition to the H. Lee White Maritime Museum, the Oswego Middle School artwork will be displayed in October on the windows of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, on the corner of East Second and Bridge streets in Oswego.

Joanne Walsh of Brookfield Renewable Energy Group stated, “Working with the city of Oswego School District on various projects over the last two years helps children in this waterfront community understand that ‘life jackets save lives.’ Another recent project is the student-designed and painted Wear It! Oswego indoor mural to be installed in the hallway near the Oswego High School pool in September.”

In 2011, the Wear It! Oswego campaign worked closely with the high school’s television production teacher and students to develop 30-second videos on water safety. These videos remain timely and can be found under the high school’s “Wear It Oswego” tab on its “Video on Demand” page at