Martin Declares Candidacy For County Legislature From Granby

Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin of Granby has announced that she is running for the position of Legislator in District 23.

Sharon is a lifelong resident of Oswego County. In 2006, Sharon sold her Business, Shannon’s Hot Dogs, a mobile vending truck that she operated at Bullhead Point, in Fulton, after 20 years of successful operation. Sharon decided to run for Legislator in Oswego County District 23 after seeing what little the Oswego County Legislature did and more so not do in regards to the Erin Maxwell case, the eleven year old girl that met a tragic death in Palermo, August 2008.

Sharon also feels strongly that the majority of County Legislators, including her opponent turned down $20,000 for a food bank, opting instead to increase their own salaries. In the midst of a recession, services to those who are negatively affected by the economy and in need of a helping hand for food must be preserved.

Sharon has been active in local politics since 1995 by volunteering to help different candidates running for office. Sharon attends most Town of Granby monthly meetings, has attended numerous meeting of the Oswego County Legislature.

Sharon’s no nonsense approach and strong leadership will help bring the change Oswego County needs. Sharon’s focus will be on wasteful spending, environment, the economy and effects on local jobs.

Sharon strongly feels that less spending, means lower taxes.

Sharon can be contacted throught her web site: or her home telephone, 598-2251.

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  1. sounds to me that you just might have a good no nonsense approach to politics. you have to keep that in mind si that you don’t get tainted by other politicians. apparently they don’t check with the people who elect them to see they feel about issues, they do what they feel like doing.

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