Mary Gosek Day Set In Oswego

OSWEGO – Peaceful Remedies founder Mary Gosek passed away in 2016, after a five-year battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Mary E. Gosek Day
Mary E. Gosek Day

When Mary was diagnosed, she began a fight not only for herself but for all those stricken with this disease.

During her treatments she realized there was a need for an organization to support individuals facing any life-altering illness.

Peaceful Remedies was born from that vision.

In recognition of Mary’s selflessness and the effort she put into helping others, Mayor William Barlow proclaimed July 30 to be Mary E. Gosek Day in Oswego.

On this day, Peaceful Remedies will offer complimentary activities open to anyone.

Volunteers will be available to answer any questions you have and help in any way possible.

Everything will be held at the McCrobie Civic Center, Lake Street.

For a full schedule of activities, please go to PeacefulRemediesOswego.com

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  1. what a wonderful day planned for Mrs. Gosek’s community. what a tribute to someone who cared as much for others as for herself. Activities look very impressive and you have to thank all those that volunteered their time! Thank you and hope to attend at least a meditation or a yoga session!

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