Masons attend Church In Port City

OSWEGO, NY – On Sunday Masons attended West Baptist Church in Oswego.

The Masons included Grand Master James L. Sullivan, Grand Commander David J. Barry, Grand High Priest Richard J. Kessler, and Grand Master Richard C. Anderson and members of Shrine and Concordant Masonic organizations.

Masons pose outside West Baptist Church in Oswego.
Masons pose outside West Baptist Church in Oswego.

Pastor Rev. David Nethercott led the worship service and was assisted by Associate Grand Prelate Rev. George A. Reed and Grand Chaplain Rev Jose L. Valencia.

Rev. Valence spoke about the tenants of Masonry.

The gathering included Masons from all parts of New York.

After the worship service the Masons participated in the chamber of commerce’s annual Independence Celebration parade.

They then  enjoyed a picnic at Lake City Lodge in Oswego.

During the picnic, Masons Fred Beardsley, George A. Reed and Jack Mulcahey read the Declaration of Independence to the large gathering.

The day’s event began with prayer and ended in a patriotic celebration of our country’s document of freedom.