Maxwell Trial Updates: Thursday


Done for the night. Cathc our full story in the morning.


Lynn Maxwell’s 3-day testimony is over.  The only new information came as Lanza asked how the Maxwells paid for all of the computer gear.  With a charge card, she said.

Brian Belrad, Lynn’s son, is on the stand now.  He was present at a cookout two weeks before ‘Erin’s death.


Very little of note in the tail end of the cross examination and the beginning of defense lawyer Sal Lanza’s re-direct examination.

We’re just coming out of a long closed-door session.  The lawyers cleared up the many assertions about how many cats were in the home.  They’ve agreed to stipulate that there were 60-70 cats in the home — approximately 60 closed in to the master bedroom and 9 that were allowed the run of the rest of the house.

The delay was to discuss an audiotape that Lynn Maxwell said was of her meeting with supervisors at Oswego Health, where she worked.  She has contended she was fired after her arrest because of “bad publicity”.  Now that they’re out of the closed door session, there’s been no mention of the tape and Lanza is on to other issues.

UPDATE 1:  Lynn Maxwell remains on the stand, under cross examination from Assistant DA Mark Moody.

Few points made so far:

  • Maxwell believes her statements to police contained several errors.  Moody asked her whether she read the statements before she signed them, and then  signed them.  Yes, she said, but there were sitll errors.
  • Only a few cats had fleas in the home, she said.  Others have testified that they were covered in fleas after entering the Maxwell home.

A brief recess, then the testimony continues.