Mayor Barlow Announces 2018 Good Neighbor Award Winners

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OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow has announced the winners of the 2018 Good Neighbor Awards in the city of Oswego.

The “Good Neighbor Award” was an award program created by Mayor Barlow to recognize homeowners in the city of Oswego who take exceptional pride in their property by caring for their yard, demonstrating care of their property or fully restoring a dilapidated structure or building.

Additional criteria include caring for a neighbor’s well-being, participating on committees and volunteering for activities that contribute to a positive change in a neighborhood.

The awards program is designed to allow an individual to nominate a property owner in their community who makes a direct contribution in improving the quality of life in their neighborhood.

“I’m pleased to recognize these property owners for their community pride and positive contributions to their neighborhood,” Mayor Barlow said. “These individuals care for their home, improve their neighborhood and help make the city of Oswego the beautiful community it is. I appreciate their enthusiasm and efforts and commend them for all they do for their neighbors and the entire Oswego community.”

2018 Good Neighbor Award Winners:

  1. Sam Cook, 147 W. Cayuga St.
  2. Todd Donahue, 32 W. Mohawk St.
  3. Paul and Kara Murray, 60 W. Sixth St.
  4. John Fitzgibbons, 85 E. Mohawk St.
  5. Gary and Linda Baker, 99 E. Seneca St.

Neighbors and community members were allowed to nominate their neighbors.

All nominations were vetted by the city of Oswego Code Enforcement Department and scored by the city of Oswego code enforcers.