Mayor Barlow Announces Downtown Security Camera Project

Security Camera

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announced today, July 31, the creation of a network of security cameras throughout Downtown Oswego to prevent vandalism and offer more protection to public space and property owners.

Security Camera

The city recently completed two major public space improvement projects through the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant the city was awarded in 2016.

The $1.5 million “Complete Streets” project has resulted in benches,
landscaping, infrastructure improvements and new pedestrian crosswalks along State Route 104
in downtown; in addition to a $900,000 project improving Water Street and construction of a new “pocket park” named Water Street Square.

The security cameras will be positioned on State Route 104, along the West Riverwalk and in the new Water Street Square, covering public space between West Oneida Street to West Cayuga Street and the West Riverwalk to West Second Street.

“Our security camera project is designed and intended to prevent vandalism to the more than $2
million investment to public space in our downtown completed this summer. As we invest in our community, we need to take additional measures to prevent vandalism, keep up on required
maintenance and hold those who choose to damage public or private property accountable,” Barlow said. “Our cameras will give local law enforcement an additional tool to
identify vandals, utilize surveillance footage during investigations, and offer property owners and the general public additional protection as they enjoy our downtown.”

Camera view of downtown

“Downtown Oswego is undergoing a positive transformation unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory. The improvements to State Route 104, Water Street and the creation of Water
Street Square are amenities that will make our community a more attractive place for residents and visitors alike,” said Third Ward Councilor Kevin Hill. “We have an obligation to protect
our community’s assets and to protect the more than $2 million investment that was made to improve our downtown, as well as an obligation to protect those who choose to enjoy our downtown. Placing security cameras in these areas will provide law enforcement with another tool to do just that.”

Police Chief Tory DeCaire said, “There is no doubt that the installation of city owned and controlled camera systems will serve as a force multiplier and investigative tool for our officers. Having the ability to see what’s happing in multiple areas in real time as well as being able to review footage will be invaluable to aid in our investigations. With the recent investment and enhancements occurring in the city, we anticipate more and more people will be
enjoying the city’s facilities. It only makes sense to utilize technology to help protect them and the
city’s investment.”

The city will also place additional security cameras along Harbor Trail in Breitbeck Park.

The project cost is approximately $7,000 for all equipment, with installation being conducted by the city’s Technology Department.


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