Mayor Barlow Announces Route 104 Planning Project

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announces that on February 16 at 6:30 p.m., in the Council Chambers of City Hall, a kick-off presentation will be held regarding the city’s Route 104 Streetscape Revitalization Project.

Bergmann Associates, the project consultant, will be giving the presentation, and providing a project overview and visual illustration of how the plan might positively impact the aesthetics of the city’s main street.

“Beautifying our main corridor is a top priority of my administration and I look forward to working with Planning and Zoning DirectorAmy Birdsall on making our main thoroughfare something Oswego residents can be proud of,” Mayor Barlow said. “This is an absolutely exciting first step of initiating the long overdue process of beautifying the Route 104 corridor, the most visible part of our city.”

With support from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Cleaner, Greener Communities Initiative, the city was awarded a $225,000 grant through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to prepare the Revitalization Plan.

Birdsall will be leading the project, and working with the consultant, community residents, business owners, and elected officials to develop a plan that will catalyze the revitalization of the primary thoroughfare.

Throughout 2016, plans will be developed to re-imagine the streetscape.

This will include the redesign of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, light posts, materials, trees, landscaping, and benches, along the entire 3.5 mile stretch of Route 104 through the city.

Inspiring private economic investment, reducing storm water run-off, and creating an attractive front door for residents, tourists, and businesses are the intended benefits.

Several opportunities for community engagement of the design process will occur during 2016.

Information will be available through the city’s website in the coming months, as the project begins.

Please call Birdsall with questions at 342-8154.


  1. FINALLY! When I first came to Oswego in 1968, THIS is what I saw. It’s still what I see…WE need to make ourselves prettier. Residents can’t do all the work, and many don’t bother with this corridor being so rundown. Why bother. Take a look at some of the other ‘touristy’ towns, and what draws people in (say Skaneateles?) is their nice looking streets.

    I can’t wait to see what you have on the agenda for our City, Mayor! :0)

  2. Streetscaping won’t matter much unless there are plans to improve the run-down housing stock along W Bridge Street. Efforts to encourage the owners of student houses to fix up and improve their properties must also be included.

  3. Wonderful idea.. I know Amy will do a wonderful job for the Mayor and Tax Payer’s. I certainly hope they plan to include the current “Tree’s for Vet’s” program in the main plan. Many families are heavily vested in honoring their military hero’s, will be watching to see how they will be included.. Thank you Mayor Barlow for your far-sighted planning. It’s just what Oswego needs…

  4. Please work with NYS DOT on repairing the surface of 104 through the city. Potholes, low manhole covers and a generally worn road make it difficult to drive sanely. Also, how about making 104 truly 4 lanes from the Forks to East 10th street? On street parking on the west side should be banned.

  5. Ron is right. Look at Geneva, NY. Well done main street (rt. 14) corridor. Blighted houses until the city’s entrance and then nice looking, but vacant storefronts. You have to change the customer base as well. Looking nice is a good start but just the start.

  6. Four lanes with left turn lights installed is a fabulous idea however there should also be a way to have travelers STOP and site see,shop or just to enjoy the city

  7. The city of Fulton announced that route 3 was being reaped this year. So when is the state planning to repair 104 through Oswego. No one will see the beautification project when they are dodging potholes and broken pavement. Also let’s work with national grid to bury power lines on bridge street so new trees planted don’t have to be butchered in years to come.

  8. Yes it sounds good, but about them houses that make our city look bad. I feel first you need too clean up that part first. Their are the storefronts too. They just put up new electric poles on the E..side now what happens too them are they going to have to but up them again? Money down the drain that’s why our National Grid bill goes up i feel? This won’t hide up other things that should be taken care of first. Then the Streets.

  9. Face it Oswego needs more help than what 225K can do – the roads will eat that up.

    What about midtown center – the guy comes in buys it for $1 tears it down and takes the millions from the metal and we hear nothing more about making it look good – another eye sore for the city. I realize that was a Gillen deal (wife’s company) so he is gone and the guy reaped the profit by taking it down.

    Good Luck Mayor Barlow – I hope that the consultant doesn’t take all of the 225 K by giving advice.

  10. Why do we need Bergman Associates? I thought this whole thing is what Amy Birdsall does. When she first got hired we were told how she did all this work in Colorado.

  11. Millions from the metal? There wasn’t enoght metal there to pay for the demo. Scrap metal prices are rock bottom and have been for a year. One thing that would help would be to get rid of the lights at East 3rd , East 9th and 4thAve on the wast side. Then…..RETIME THE LIGHTS!!!! We shouldn’t have to stop at every freaking light in the afternoon when we get out of work.

  12. Hiring a consultant to beautifying 3.5 miles of city thoroughfare…why not put it out for bid for FREE and see what ideas you get from NUMEROUS sources?

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