Mayor Barlow Announces Start Time, Traffic Info For St. Patrick’s Parade

Mayor Billy Barlow leads off Oswego's inaugural St. Patrick's Parade.

OSWEGO – On Saturday (March 9), the city of Oswego will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with its annual parade.

Mayor Billy Barlow leads off Oswego’s inaugural St. Patrick’s Parade.

The event is being organized and hosted by the Oswego Ancient Order of Hibernians.

“The Hibernians have stepped up to make the parade an exciting annual event and I appreciate their efforts. I’d like to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day and encourage folks to get outdoors, support the event and celebrate our heritage and culture,” Mayor Billy Barlow said.


Temporary road closure on Saturday

Please be advised that the Oswego Saint Patrick’s Parade will take place Saturday at 1 p.m.

Grand Marshall is Tim Kirwan.

The following roads will be closed from about 12:45 – 2 p.m.:

•East First Street north of East Bridge Street.

•East Bridge Street from East First Street to West Second Street.

•West Second Street from West Bridge Street to Lake Street.

•Lake Street from West First Street to West Third Street.

State Route 104 traffic will be detoured to Utica Street for the duration of the event.

Additionally, temporary No Parking signs will be posted at various locations along the parade route, please pay special attention on parade day.

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  1. With a town as IRISH as Oswego, I, personally, thank the Hibernians for taking over this joyous event! In Ireland they wonder why we celebrate so boldly something that they take for granted. America is filled with MANY nationalities, and in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, communities acknowledge this important population that brought much to the nation. Think of Boston without the Irish! And of course, Syracuse and Oswego! Born and raised in an “Irish neighborhood” in Syracuse, it makes me proud that Oswego respects their Irish settlers! Ancestry just notified me that although I thought I wasn’t Irish (English, Welsh and Scot, but no Irish I was told) I AM Irish. I just knew it. Can’t love Ham and Cabbage this much without it being in the blood! :0)

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