Mayor Barlow Proposes $200 Reduction to City Sewer Bill

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announced in his State of the City Address he was proposing a $200 annual reduction in the city sewer bill for homeowners in the city of Oswego.

He will officially make his proposal to the Common Council during the Administrative Services Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 22.

Mayor Barlow cited his administration’s investment of $3.16 million in three years to the city’s two wastewater plants and progress being made on the $85 million sewer separation project as reason for the $200 annual reduction.

The proposal, if approved, would reduce the city flat rate water and sewer bill from $1,100 a year to $900 a year, or a $50 reduction per quarterly bill for Oswego homeowners.

“In three years, we’ve secured $5 million in grant funding, invested $3.16 million into our facilities, negotiated a deal worth $200,000 with Oswego County and implemented a commercial sewer rate requiring our larger users pay their fair share so we could raise revenue not solely on the backs of our residential homeowners,” Barlow said. “Now, due to these changes, we can finally ease the burden on our homeowners and reduce the cost of their sewer bill by $200. As we begin to realize the benefits of investing in our facilities, using the Camden Group to manage our operations and securing grant funding, our first act will be to reduce the direct cost to our residents.”

Robert Corradino, president of the Common Council, welcomed the news of reducing the city sewer rates and pledged his support of reducing the cost of sewer service to city residents.

“The proposed $200 sewer rate reduction is a huge issue for the residents of Oswego and I will fully support. Since becoming a city councilor in 2016, the number one issue I’ve heard from my constituents is the high cost of sewer service and I am regularly asked when the city will provide some relief. I commend Mayor Barlow for all his hard work, making this reduction possible and I will work to make sure this reduction is approved immediately,” Corradino said.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St.


  1. Instead of giving the people of Oswego a small $200 back for water/sewer rates why not CUT the rates in half to bring the to a more normal level. The rates have gone up the last 4 years Barlow has been in office. He did nothing when he raised to the rates. Why now is Barlow worried about the water/sewer rates. Oh wait he is running for reelection. Sorry missed that one. Cut the rates by 1/2 and maybe you might get reelected.

  2. At my business, we use very little water. We have a solo tenant who is a student (translation: doesn’t cook much here, and except for a drink of water and a quick shower, not much usage either).
    So, when I looked at my bill, I see almost all of my pmt is “delivery fee.” I could probably bathe in bottled water for the amount of actual water used here and still SAVE! Why is the delivery fee so much greater than the Metropolitan Water Board fees(near the College) that go all the way to the Syracuse area when the City has TWO waterways within walking distance to most resident?
    The $200.00 discount is for actual usage or for delivery? How about matching the Met. Water Bd. rates?

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