Mayor Barlow proposes $657,000 Paving Plan For Summer 2019

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow is proposing a $657,000 paving plan for the city of Oswego this summer, a plan that focuses predominately on the east side of the city.

Barlow said the city has paved approximately $2.5 million worth of city streets since 2016, with this year’s plan sending that total to more than $3 million.

The city paving projects in the last three years have been supplemented by a considerable amount of paving done by New York State in the Oswego area, including State Route 481 and State Route 104 last year.

“My administration has worked hard since 2016 to maximize our CHIPS funding on actually paving roads as oppose to buying equipment and subsidizing salaries. Our roads and infrastructure desperately need attention and that is why we are crafting a plan earlier this year and looking to focus on neighborhood streets on the east side,” Barlow said. “Following the completion of this paving plan, we will have paved well over $3 million worth of city streets in four years, a feat I am proud of. In addition to our paving plan, we will be shimming other rough areas and will have our pothole truck and road crews patching potholes when the weather allows.”

2019 Paving Plan includes:

Mitchell Street (St. Paul Street to East Ninth Street)

Church Street (Cherry Street to East Seventh Street)

Hamilton Street (East Seventh Street to East Eighth Street)

Burkle Street (Syracuse Avenue to East Eighth Street)

Bunner Street (Syracuse Avenue to East Eighth Street)

East Eighthh Street (Hamilton Street to Burkle Street)

East Eighth Street (Bridge Street to Utica Street)

East Ninth Street (Bridge Street to Utica Street)

East Third Street (East Oneida Street to East Utica Street)

Gregory Street (Washington Boulevard to Route 104)

West Albany Street (West Fourth Street to Dead End)

West Fourth Street (Niagara Street to Albany Street)

West 10th Street (Albany Street to Erie Street)

Northwest Ninth Street “the lane” (SR 104 to West Seneca Street)

Councilors will consider approving the paving plan and sending it out to bid Monday during the Administrative Services Committee meeting at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.


  1. East Albany street from shampine blvd to city line road needs to be done have dirt week pay for it

  2. How about doing some main streets in high traffic areas instead of side streets. Take a look at W Cayuga st and W senaca streets. The busses tear them up real bad. Also let’s start raising man hole covers over on eUtica and first. And West first st from Utica down to the lake. Major roads traveled by many and they’re a mess. Also can we get rid of the stupid 4 way stop signs in this city and have the traffic flow better especially on E Cayuga and E senaca streets. A 4 way every street isn’t not needed…

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