Mayor Barlow Proposes $761,000 Paving Plan for 2020

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow announced today, Feb. 28, he is proposing a $761,000 paving plan for the city of Oswego this summer, building on the over $3 million in paving completed since taking office in 2016.

The city paving projects in the last three years have been supplemented by a considerable amount of paving done by New York State in the Oswego area, including State Route 481 and State Route 104 last year.

The 2020 paving plan will be expanded later in the year after the third phase of the sewer separation project is completed in the Third Ward area from West Mohawk Street to West Cayuga Street, West Second to West Sixth Street.

“Once again this year we will maximize our CHIPS funding and use the all the allotted funding to pave some of the worst streets in the city. Recovering and repairing our infrastructure has been a major focus for city government the last four years and we will continue to improve the conditions of our streets and other municipal infrastructure moving forward,” said Mayor Barlow. “We will plan to have a majority of our paving done in the Spring once the weather allows. Additionally, later this year we will, for the first time, conduct curb to curb paving and completely repave the area affected by the upcoming sewer separation project on Oswego’s west side, significantly expanding the amount of new pavement scheduled this year.”

Mayor Barlow’s proposed 2020 paving plan includes:

Fort Ontario Complex (all roads)

East Oneida Street (East 4th to East 10th)

East Utica Street (East 10th to East 13th)

West Fifth Street (Paloma Street to Mark Fitzgibbons Drive)

West Seventh Street (Erie Street to Ellen Street)

West Utica Street (West First Street to West Fifth Street)

West Seneca Street (West Fifth Street to State Route 104)

West VanBuren Street

Sheldon Avenue

O’Brien Glenway

The Common Council plans to deliberate the selected streets and proposed funding on March 2 during the Administrative Services committee meeting.


  1. Mayor Barlow
    Someone needs to fix the parking lot at Big lots. The back entrance is awful. Been like that for years. There are many many huge pot holes in the parking lot. Time to fix it. Thank you

  2. Hopefully by paving you mean the whole road or street and not the pathetic patch jobs that are done every year. Or pay for my truck alignment each month.

  3. There’s a public parking area at the lake off Mercer and 10 1/2 street. It goes in across the RR tracks. A lot of people go there to recreate and just watch the lake but the holes in the lot are atrocious. Please fill them in. Thank you

  4. How about paving high use streets first. East First and Utica has been a mess for years. Fix the manhole covers. West First from bridge street to the lake is a mess again with manholes that would swallow a car. Oh yea west first from W Oneida street to WUtica manhole covers need to be raised. The manholes on bridge street need to be raised,they didn’t do it when they paved it and now they are starting to break up with all the trucks starting to constantly hit them. I can’t believe they’re paving the fort roads. It’s closed most of the year…. again not much thought put into priorities of high traffic areas being paved…

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