Mayor Barlow Urges Immediate Water Conservation Measures

OSWEGO – Mayor William Barlow announced today (Aug. 4) that due to severe drought conditions, the city’s ground water storage tank level is approaching a critically low level and continues to be depleted at a rate that could cause a significant health hazard if water conservation measures aren’t undertaken immediately by all water users.

Mayor Barlow requests that all users of city of Oswego water, which includes the towns of Scriba and New Haven, curtail the use of water as much as possible for the next several weeks.

All residential, commercial and industrial users are asked to limit water usage to only the amounts needed and put off optional demand such as watering lawns, car washing and pool filling until after Labor Day.

The Gallagher Pool at Fort Ontario will remain open. However, the water spray pools located at various parks throughout the city will be closed until the water conservation measure is lifted.

In addition, it is requested that you report any suspected water main or hydrant leaks to the DPW at 342-4212.


  1. Well maybe they will now fix the leak under Washington BLVD that is getting worse everyday. Called two months ago and nothings been done. Is the treatment plant not working up to snuff? We live on a lake what’s the problem?

  2. How about a break on the water/sewer bill then?…didn’t think so; think I’ll go wash my car.

  3. Anybody tell the schooldistrict? They were watering their big field at the highschool on Utica Street!

  4. I agree with Robert on the water bills. Oswego is right on the lake. Why should there be a water shortage in Oswego. What Lake Ontario not enough water. But I guess that is why Oswego has HIGH WATER BILLS. Good work

  5. i can tell u just from driving around all the time the city residents are watering their lawns more than us country folks a litle note if u live in the country u have more ackarage why would we water that . Pool filling alot of us still have wells on our property we would use that first before using city water. So maybe u ought to worry about the city first. just sayin.

  6. The school is watering the fields because they have all that money for football instead of hiring back teachers. We can all see Lake Ontario, so why do we have to worry about water. We pay out the butt for it, the City had better make sure we get whats coming to us when we want and need it. So do something about it or is our City Government to busy trying to figure out to install that “free” Wi Fi or making plans for those luxury apartments buildings that no one around here can afford to live in and no one is going to move here to live in. I won’t wash my car or water my lawn for now. Maybe I will go take some buckets and get it from the lake myself.

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