Mayor Bateman Announces Wal-Mart’s Expansion In Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman has announced that Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., will be expanding the current store on Route 104 East in Oswego, to allow inclusion of general merchandise and a full-service grocery store under one roof.

There will also be a new city street, Eugene Saloga Drive, between the existing Staples and Dollar Tree stores, which will allow a new traffic signal on Route 104.

“My administration has worked diligently with Wal-Mart officials and the New York State Department of Transportation to bring this project to fruition. Although the project took longer than anticipated, it will certainly be a welcome addition to the local economy, and it will add a great deal to our sales tax revenue for the city of Oswego,” he said. “As always, we encourage our residents to support our local businesses.”

Oswego residents are excited about the Wal-Mart expansion, which will begin this month, and the city appreciates Wal-Mart’s further investment in the community, the mayor added.

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  1. I think this will be great. I just hope they have the same prices for us as the fulton walmart. I have noticed right now that you can buy most products from walmart in Fulton and you save money by shopping there. for instanse milk is a dollar cheaper by the gallon from the walmart price in Oswego. Walmart is known for having differnt prices between all their stores . I first learned this when living down south. I would go to three differnt ones all having differnt prices there was one where the prices were as much as a five dollar difference by going into a lower income neighborhood. before that I thought the prices were all the same being that they are all called walmart. But I am glad to see we will be getting another grocery store here in Oswego I wish we would get another one in the city for people who dont drive maybe where the old price chopper use to be by the fire station they use to do alot of business. Just a thought.

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