Mayor Bateman Appointed To NYCOM Nominating Committee

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Randy Bateman of Oswego has been appointed to the eight-member nominating committee of the New York State Conference of Mayors.

NYCOM President Gary Vegliante, mayor of the village of West Hampton Dunes, made the selection.

In announcing the appointment, Vegliante said, “Mayor Bateman has been an active participant in NYCOM programs and is well suited to serve on this important committee. His commitment to quality public service in New York State will ensure that the continued leadership of the Conference of Mayors remains in good hands.”

The nominating committee is responsible for assembling the slate of officers to be elected on May 17 at NYCOM’s 101st annual meeting in Saratoga Springs.

The Conference of Mayors represents 590 cities and villages in New York State, ranging from the smallest village to the city of New York.

NYCOM has been in existence since 1910.