Mayor Bateman Reminds Voters Of Change In City Officials’ Title

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Randolph Bateman is reminding the voters of the city of Oswego that the term “Alderman” was changed to “Councilor” by the Common Council at its May 23 meeting.

Local Law No. 2 of the Year 2011 was unanimously passed by the Common Council by Resolution No. 165 and stated that “The terms “Alderman” and “Aldermen” are hereby changed to read “Councilor” and “Councilors” respectively, wherever those terms appear in the Charter and the Code of the City of Oswego.”

Voters will note the change for the first time in the general elections taking place on Nov. 8, at which time the term “Councilor” will appear on the ballot.

Questions may be directed to the Mayor’s Office at 342-8136 or the Oswego County Board of Elections at 349-8350.

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  1. Yes i know but i am so used to alderman it takes the community to keep this in mind when we talk to the couciors. It doesm’t happen over night because we had alderman for so many years.

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