Mayor Breaks Tie To Approve Waiver of Noise Ordinance

OSWEGO, NY – At this week’s Common Council meeting, the mayor cast the deciding vote on a request for a waiver of the noise ordinance.

Councilors granted five variances of the noise ordinance.

The request from Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGrath, proprietors of Spencer’s Ali, 124 W. Second St., garnered all of the attention.

They asked for a waiver during the months of May through September. The request was OK’d following a nearly half hour debate and was amended slightly to appease area neighbors.

Voting against the request were councilors Shawn Walker, Pat McLaughlin and Mike Todd. Voting yes were Fran Enwright, Eric VanBuren and Ron Kaplewicz.

Mayor Tom Gillen’s yes vote broke the tie.

During the public session, Steve Phillips spoke out against the McGraths’ request saying the neighbors’ position hasn’t changed. They still feel the “noise” is too loud and too long.

“Our position has not changed. We are not against live music. We are not against louder liver music,” added Tanya Miller. “We are against it until 1:30 in the morning. I don’t think midnight is an unreasonable cutoff time for Friday and Saturday.”

“I desire that you the keep the standards that have already been established, this has to do with the noise ordinance. You have a responsibility as leaders of the community to uphold what is equivalent to law and order, respectability, decency and if you start changing for one particular business, then you have to give equality to the other businesses of the same type,” Ethel Canfield told the councilors. “I ask, what will be gained by giving this variance to this business?

Ron Tesoriero sought to have clarification as to where the decibel measurements would be taken regarding complaints.

McGrath told the council that he is taking steps to reduce the level of noise emanating from his business.

Also approved were two requests from David Thompson,
proprietor of Gibby’s Irish Pub, 8 W. Second St., for during the months of May through September and the other for during Harborfest, July 23-26.

Glenn Zansitis, proprietor of Zink Shirts, 19 E. Cayuga St., on May 16 to benefit “Enclothe Oswego”

And, Nicholas Canale, proprietor of Canale’s Restaurant, 156 W. Utica St., on July 5.

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  1. good…it’s about time ….that speedway racetrack can make noise you can hear all across town…and get away with it…..but when i played music in my cellar and bothered a couple of neighbors…..i get the police called on me…..suck it up oswego

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