Mayor Gillen Issues Winter Snow Advisory For Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Thomas Gillen has declared a Winter Snow Advisory, effective today (February 9), at 2 p.m.

The mayor is asking all motorists to please adhere to the Alternate Street Parking Regulation, and he has emphasized that all violators will have their vehicles ticketed and towed.

He also asked that ALL residents with vehicles make a concerted effort to secure off-street parking for the next three days, regardless of the Alternate Parking Plan.

This will enable the DPW plows to remove snow and better clear the city streets.

This Winter Snow Advisory will be in effect until Thursday (February 12), at
2 p.m.


  1. Mayor should really consider a full-out parking ban like it used to be. I recently witnessed a plow driver turning onto my street who had literally inches on either side of him squeezing between several vehicles. As the snow builds up the roads get narrower anyhow & their jobs get even harder to do because some people get confused about which side of the street they can legally park on. Anyhow, the plow driver did a heck of a job getting through but another with less experience may have simply opened up some vehicle-damage claims upon the city, and we don’t need that!

  2. If we are going to operate with minimum resources in the DPW then we need a return of the parking band. In my 60 years I have never seen the streets kept so poor with this amount of snow. Thanks to the alternate parking it takes about three day to finally not have plowed snow in the bottom of the drive way because it takes that long for the plow drivers to be able to access both sides of the street. Its not working and its time the Common Council and Mayor rethink what they have done.

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