Mayor Urges Conservation During Water Facility Upgrade Project

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Tom Gillen announced that the city of Oswego’s water treatment plant will be starting construction on upgrades to the facility.

The initial work will involve rebuilding filters and will reduce the production capacity of the plant by 25 percent while the work is in progress, which is anticipated to be three weeks.

It is requested that all users of Oswego city water, which include the towns of Scriba and New Haven, curtail the use of water as much as possible during this construction period.

If all residential, commercial and industrial users limit water usage to only the amounts needed and put off optional demand – such as lawn watering, washing the car, pool filling etc.) until after June 1, there will be little to no impact.

In addition, please report any suspected water main or hydrant leaks to the city of Oswego Department of Public Works at 342-4212.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this request, please contact the city of Oswego Water Department at 343-0111.