Mayor Vetoes BSR Bill Resolution

OSWEGO, NY – On May 12, the Common Council voted to authorize the city chamberlain to itemize the overtime costs to the city associated with the Bridge Street Run and bill SUNY Oswego. However, shortly thereafter, Mayor Tom Gillen vetoed the resolution.

On Tuesday night, he delivered his veto message to the council.

The resolution had been brought to the council floor without the benefit of being discussed at the committee level, he pointed out.

“It is something we don’t want to rush into,” he said.

Working together with college officials to address the matter would be a better way to find the means to curb the rowdy behavior exhibited during the annual end of the semester pub crawl, the mayor said.

Neither the city nor the college sanction the event.

Third Ward Councilor Mike Todd, who sponsored the resolution, said he had promised the residents of his ward that he’d fight to improve their quality of life.

“But, after two and a half years, I have received little or no support from this administration. To say I was shocked and taken aback by the announcement of this veto would be an understatement,” he said. “In two and a half years as mayor, he has not issued a single veto on any issue, until now and I must wonder why.”

A resolution which bans the Bridge Street Run in Oswego was also approved at the May 12 meeting.

It is still on the books.


  1. Maybe someone should point out to Mr. Todd the 10’s of MILLIONS that SUNY Oswego pumps into Oswego each and every year. The sales tax that the city collects from those kids more than paid for any costs the city had that night.

  2. Well, hopefully the next water/sewer rate increase will be vetoed too since some of the current $$$ going into it is paying for parts of the fire dept.!

  3. Someone on the council should point out to Mr Todd that a lot of bars and restaurants look forward to the bsr For that day as a big money making day.To help pay taxes or giving some one a job.

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