Mayor Woodward Sets the Record Straight – Letter To The Editor

To The Editor:

Re: Setting The Record Straight About Water and Sewer Bills

Recently two different articles have appeared as editorials concerning the issuing of water bills, sewer costs and increased water cost. One article referred to the water billing as “Slight of Hand”. The author accused the City of shortening the length of time that residents have to pay their water bills. By City Charter, the bill informs the customer that the due date is the 20th day of the month. The bills are printed and mailed on the last day of the previous month. This practice has not changed for at least 25 years or more. What the author has publicly said is definitely not true. In another article the same author spouts on about percentage losses when businesses close and the rising cost of sewer and water as a result. This also is not true. I have the resolution dated January 3, 1989 from when the last sewer rate increase was imposed. The last water increase was in 2003 which was three administrations ago. Then in 2004, under the Hayden administration, the demand charge for water was lowered from $26.25 per quarter to $23.00 per quarter. This returned $140,000.00 to the Fulton customers per year.

As far as property taxes, the City of Fulton tax rate today is slightly lower than it was when I took office four years ago.

I have always encouraged the public to add input at Council meetings and accept criticism as beneficial so long as it is factual and true but to accuse the administration of slight hand or being unethical and to publicly bring forth this fiction is in itself “Slight of Hand and Unethical”.

I invite anyone who would like to view the documentation on these matters to contact my office @ 592-7330 and I will be glad to sit with you and show you the proof.


Ronald L. Woodward, Sr.
Mayor, City of Fulton

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  1. Well said Mr. Woodward!! I get tired of reading articles from uneducated people who have no idea what they are talking about. The papers should seriously consider doing more montioring of these ignoramouses to prevent them from public humiliation, then again, most times they do not have the nerve to post their names. I can only assume it is becasue they know they are speaking none truths and instead of being embarrassed themselves would prefer to try and embarrass the person they are attacking, most of the time, Mr. Woodward. Furthermore, Mr. Woodward has time and time again offered to discuss over the phone or even meet with any citizen who has questions. Seems to me if these people were infact concerned citizens they would take you up on that offer and not continue to submit articles in papers making false accusations.
    I appreciate your response and although I know you are a man of integrity that does not play into this “mud slinging” nonesense that always happens around this time, I would love to see more from you in terms of response to this ignorance. Although anyone who knows you or the administration you run, knows that is not neccessary, unfortunately for some it is!!

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