Mayor’s Office: Parking Ban Is Working

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Billy Barlow’s first executive order, imposing a winter parking ban on all city streets between the hours of 1 and 6 a.m., is working, the Mayor’s Office announced late today (Jan. 14).

Since imposing the parking ban on Monday evening the Oswego Police Department has noted a sharp decrease in the number of vehicles parking overnight on city streets.

A total of 328 courtesy violations were issued on the first night of the parking ban, according to OPD Chief Tory DeCaire.

By the second night, police officers issued 49 courtesy violations.

After the third evening of courtesy ticketing, the number of violators was reduced to 20.

“I commend Chief DeCaire and his officers for taking time out of their busy schedules to issue these courtesy citations,” Mayor Barlow said. “And I truly appreciate the response of the residents who adhered to our call to clear the streets. This allows our DPW plows to move more easily through the streets so that snow can be removed from our roads more quickly.”

The city of Oswego has received cooperation from the Port of Oswego Authority to use the former Price Chopper lot as an off-street parking option for the public.

Additionally, there are public parking spaces available at Breitbeck Park (the lot closest to the Kingsford bell), Wright’s Landing Marina, the Flexo-wire site (along Schuyler Street), and West First and Cayuga Street (12 spots along the West First Street side of the lot).

The Mayor’s Office is also working cooperatively with SUNY-Oswego’s administration to get the word out to all returning college students.

More off-street parking spots will be identified as they become available in the coming weeks.

The courtesy ticketing will end soon, after which cars will not only be ticketed but towed.

The cost to resolve a parking ticket and get your car out of storage can be as much as $200.


  1. This has got to be the most insane idea to ever float down the Oswego river. Perhaps if the mayor himself had to actually park in one of these designated areas he may see things differently? Maybe if he had to work second shift he would think twice about getting out at midnight and having to walk the streets at that hour in the freezing cold, not to mention the intoxicated crowd of drunks he may encounter along the way. Even in the summer this would seem to be quite an inconvience, especially if you have a weeks worth of groceries with you, or perhaps a tank of propane for the grill. Good luck people,… glad I left in ’78.

  2. re Jim getting the cars off the streets has worked for many years, get a house with a driveway or put one in.

  3. Thanks for the advice Mark. Unfortunately, they won’t allow me to put in a driveway on my beachfront property down here in Florida. The good news is, walking through sand isn’t as bad as walking through snow. Unlike you, I’m simply thinking of others less fortunate than myself.

  4. Barlow will definitely be a one term (or less) Mayor. “His” winter parking ban idea is not only NOT his idea but he’s claiming it’s a success BEFORE it’s even snowed more than 2 inches! His DPW “choice” Tom Kells … first day on the job proved that he couldn’t even properly manage the removal of that same 2 inches of snow!

  5. I agree with Mark. I am so baffled as to where all the common sense has gone. Why would any one think that just because 2 years ago the Mayor at the time decided to try alternate street parking in the winter and then think that it would NEVER be changed back. REALLY! So all of the complainers out there, I am pretty sure have lived here more than 2 years( people are leaving Oswego not moving here) already knew it was a REAL POSSIBILITY this parking situation could change, so again I ask where is the common sense, WHY WOULD YOU BUY OR RENT ANY HOME WITHOUT OFF-STREET PARKING? So for all of you who did not know any better perhaps neighbors could be kind to one another and help each other out. Perhaps, share parking space if you have it. Drive your neighbor to and from the designated parking area’s. Car pool. I don’t have all the answers, but maybe if people would stop bitching long enough you may be able to come up with something on your own.

  6. Mark and shelly some people simply take what housing they can afford when its available.not everybody has the luxury or means to be able to whip out 2000 dollars and put in a driveway( by the way thats a cheap one). single mothers getting in from working late like a couple hospital workers I know should not have to juggle their kid and groceries and everything else to walk so far in the freezing Cold to go to an upstairs apartment that they rent because they make just enuff to get by. The side street parking worked just fine for years why implement such an extreme thing in none extreme weather. Please don’t be so ignorant about things when you obviously do not know what its like by your side comments.

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