McAndrew Secures Democratic, Working Families Party Lines In Quest To Be Oswego County DA

WEST MONROE, NY – Michael R. McAndrew has secured the Democratic and Working Families Party lines on the ballot for the November 3 election for Oswego County District Attorney.

McAndrew said, “I am so thankful to all of the great people of Oswego County who signed my petitions. I truly enjoyed meeting so many voters who are disappointed with the current administration’s ‘catch and release’ approach to criminals, particularly felons, and desire a change.”

I must also humbly thank everyone who carried my petitions. When I started this campaign, so many naysayers stated that Oswego County Democrats lack the organization and ability to engage in countywide races. It appears that those days are over,” he added.

Now the campaign moves on to addressing the issues of crime in Oswego County with all voters of Oswego County, regardless of political affiliation.

“In essence, it’s time for my opponent to run on his record of the past 3 ½ years, rather than running from it, as he has since I announced my candidacy. I look forward to debating who can best restore dignity and respect to the office of the District Attorney of Oswego County and who has the fortitude to prosecute crimes according to their severity, rather than offering plea bargains to nearly all for the sake of convenience,” he said.

McAndrew is currently the Principal Court Attorney to the Hon. Walter Hafner Jr., Oswego County Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Justice and has served as Court Attorney since 1999.

He resides in West Monroe with his wife, Sarah (Lloyd) McAndrew, and son, Michael John McAndrew.