McDonalds Brought Winter Wonderland to Fulton Before Any Snow Fell

Photo Credit: Jodie Bobbett
The decorated drink station.

FULTON, NY – Contrary to the usual winter bliss that hits the area before the holidays, Fulton residents experienced an unfamiliar December with very little snowfall.

However, the local McDonalds restaurant still brought the well-known winter wonderland to life at their 701 South Fourth Street location in Fulton.

Each year, the Fulton McDonalds restaurant participates in a holiday decorating contest and for the second year in a row, they won the ever sought after first place Santa trophy.

“The contest is for all of (owner) Paul Ross’ McDonalds locations. It’s ten locations all together including all of the Oswego County McDonalds and all the way up to Nedrow,” said Fulton store manager, Jodie Bobbett.

Each year Bobbett and her staff assemble a team of both managers and crew workers to develop a theme and transform their restaurant to fit.

This year’s winning theme was “winter wonderland.”

Despite the lack of snow outside, this McDonalds team captured the essence of a winter wonderland right inside their restaurant.

With their win, the restaurant gets to claim the first place traveling Santa trophy, bragging rights and a $250 cash prize.

“We use the money to take the crew out bowling or something fun,” said Bobbett.

This year’s second and third place winners were Cicero and Mexico, respectively.

“It’s really the customers who win,” said Bobbett. “The customers love it and that’s why we do it.”

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