McHugh Applauds Relicensing of FitzPatrick Nuclear Energy Plant

Submitted article

Congressman John M. McHugh (R-Pierrepont Manor) applauded the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s decision today to renew the operating license of the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant for an additional 20 years.  Congressman McHugh is a strong proponent of nuclear energy and has called for additional nuclear facilities in New York and across the country.

“I am extremely pleased that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the relicensing of the FitzPatrick.  The FitzPatrick has been a key contributor in our community, providing hundreds of well-paying jobs, a significant economic boost through tax dollars and community contributions, and clean, safe energy for our residents and other New Yorkers.  As we have clearly seen by the current energy crunch in this country, we need to continue to make investments in our energy future and we need to ensure that our existing infrastructure continues to operate,” said Congressman McHugh.  “I applaud all the employees at the FitzPatrick for their commitment and hard work, and I am hopeful the future will bring more nuclear reactors to the 23rd District.”

The FitzPatrick plant, located in Scriba, NY – 8 miles northeast of Oswego – began commercial operations

in 1975, and its operating license was set to expire in 2014.  Owned by Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., the plant submitted its license renewal application August 1, 2006.  With the renewal, signed September 8, 2008, the license is extended until October 1, 2034.

The FitzPatrick plant employs 650 workers, including many union members, and associated economic activity around the plant generates additional jobs in Oswego County.  Every year, the FitzPatrick generates over $7 million in tax dollars for New York State and local governments and the plant contributed $328,000 in 2007 to community and not-for-profit organizations.

Nuclear energy is a demonstrated source of clean energy, preventing significant tons of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.  Scientific studies have demonstrated a direct relationship between these pollutants and the incidence of increased illnesses from heart and lung disorders, such as asthma and bronchitis.  New York currently gets 29.7 percent of its electricity from nuclear power.

Congressman McHugh has continued to fight for a comprehensive energy plan in Congress, urging House leaders to consider an expansive energy package that couples short-term price relief with a broad, long-term plan to increase domestic energy supply across the board.  The Congressman strongly supports increasing American energy supply by lifting legislative restrictions on exploring American energy, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), and shale oil in the Western part of the United States, as well as expanding nuclear power.