McHugh’s Nomination On Hold; Conservatives Pick A Candidate Today

<p>President Obama nominates John McHugh to become Secretary of the Army</p>
President Obama nominates John McHugh to become Secretary of the Army

North Country Congressman John McHugh’s bid to become Secretary of the Army is on hold.

Both of Kansas’s US Senators say they’ve put a hold on McHugh’s nomination and 9 others because they want their state’s military prison taken off the list of prisons to be used to house prisoners moved from the military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay when it closes next year.

Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts openly admit they placed the holds. Any Senator can place a “hold” on any piece of legislation as part of the longtime practices of the Senate. The hold can be done secretly. The measure can still be taken to the full Senate for a vote but it is the custom of the Senate to respect a hold.

Meantime, the race to replace McHugh continues today. Conservative Party officials from the 11 counties of McHugh’s district meet this morning at a restaurant in Brewerton to pick a candidate to run in the expected November special election.

Lake Placid businessman Doug Hoffman is considered the favorite for the nomination. Hannibal resident Jon Alvarez, a conservative activist and reservist just ending a tour of duty in Iraq, also wants the nomination.

Democrats will meet Monday to choose from among 11 hopefuls. Oswego’s former Mayor, John Sullivan, is one of the 11.

Republicans have already chosen Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava of Gouverneur to run. Conservative Party leaders won’t back her because of her positions favoring gay marriage and legal abortion.