Meeting on Future of Lake Neatahwanta is Tonight

Lake Neatahwanta in Fulton, in a panoramic view assembled from several photos.
Lake Neatahwanta in Fulton, in a panoramic view assembled from several photos.

Long ago, Fulton’s Lake Neatahwanta had a sand beach and public swimming.  Now, a large sign warns people not to swim in the water and the beach has overgrown with grass.

There’s still fishing, boating and jet-skiing, but the most public use of the lake is off-limits because pollution has made the water a hazard to people and pets.

Tonight, a new effort begins to try to reclaim some public use from the lake.

Officials gather at the Fulton War Memorial for a meeting aimed at getting the public behind plans to clean the lake.

The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

The city of Fulton and town of Granby are the prime movers behind the effort.

Mayor Ron Woodward said that his goal is to set up a new non-profit that will raise money from the public for the cleanup of the 750 acre lake.

He said that he plans to focus on getting enough money to dredge the bottom of the lake.  The lake is becoming more shallow because sediment has washed into the lake and begun to fill the bottom.

He believes that Granby Supervisor Ed Williamson plans to focus on cutting down on the agricultural chemicals that get into the lake when they’re washed by rain into the streams that flow into the lake.

Those chemicals, along with wastes from the geese that inhabit the lake area, have led to a bloom of algae in the lake. It’s the algae that presents a health hazard to people and pets swimming in the water.

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  1. My fellow citizens,

    There will be no long-winded speech this time around, as I will simply say this… Now is your chance to be heard concerning an ailing natural resource we hold dear, a resource that can help spur development and tourism. Join me in letting our elected representatives know that we care about our community, and WE WANT OUR LAKE BACK! If not for yourself, do it for your children/grandchildren.

    Ralph E. Stacy, Jr.
    Proud City of Fulton Resident

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