Memorial Day Salute Committee Says Thank You

To the People in the Greater Fulton area:
On behalf of the Fulton Service Clubs’ Memorial Day Salute Committee, I thank the people of the Fulton area who attended and participated in the various events sponsored by the four Fulton Service Clubs over the Memorial Day Weekend.

The sponsors of this community service project were the men and women in the Fulton Kiwanis Club, the Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club, the Fulton Lions Club and the Fulton Rotary Club.

The committee was aided and advised by several members of the Fulton Veterans’ Council.

The service club members worked very hard for several days, and in many cases, for several months, to make this event the great success that it was.

Some 34 years ago a group of service club members met and planned a weekend of activities, which would honor our military veterans with a parade, provide a high level of entertainment for our citizens who are unable to travel to distant places, and provide our children with constructive activities on the first weekend of summer.

This year’s event was our 33rd year of the Memorial Day Salute.

The Memorial Day Salute is only successful because you, the citizens of the Fulton area, came out to participate in the activities.

The parade route was lined with thousands of people.

The main feature of our parade is the Veteran of the Year.

This year’s Veteran of the Year was Jim Weinhold.

The Fulton Veterans’ Council chose Mr. Weinhold for this honor.

The entertainment in the Fulton Community Center was well attended, especially on Saturday evening with the Chris Taylor Band.

Hundreds of children enjoyed the rides, the face painting, and the talent show during Saturday afternoon.

Food sales were good and most of all the weather was sunny, but a little cool.

We also express our sincere appreciation to Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward, the council members, all of the city employees in the Public Works and Recreation departments, police and firemen and others who helped us in any way.

This event would not be possible without the help of the advertisers in the Memorial Day Salute newspaper.

Please extend your thanks and your business to these fine people.

Most of all, remember that “Freedom is never free, it is earned by our veterans.”

Larry Macner
Memorial Day Salute Chairman