Memorial Day Salute Planning Continues

FULTON – The Memorial Day Salute is an event that was created and is now carried on by representatives of the four Fulton service clubs: Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions.

The service clubs are assisted by the Fulton Veterans’ Council.

Memorial Day Salute Planned
Memorial Day Salute Planned

Pictured are the presidents of the service clubs, the mayor, the Veteran of the Year and the Memorial Day Salute committee chairman.

From left are: Bob Weston, Lions; Laurie Greeney, Rotary; Veteran of the Year, John Young; Mayor Ron Woodward; Holly Carpenter, Kiwanis; Larry Macner, MDS chairman; and Dennis Goss, Sunrise Rotary.

Absent from photo is Gail Holmes, Lions.

This year the 34th Annual Memorial Day Salute will be held on May 23.