Meteorologist Dave Longley Visits Fulton Jr. High

NewsChannel 9 meteorologist Dave Longley.
NewsChannel 9 meteorologist Dave Longley.

News Channel 9 meteorologist Dave Longley visited our 8 White Team on Tuesday, November 29th to give the students a glimpse of what is involved should they be interested in becoming a meteorologist and to bring some excitement to their upcoming Science unit on weather. Mr. Longley was able to go into detail on what it takes to prepare an accurate weather forecast.

“What do you do on the commercial breaks?” and “Do you have to wear makeup?” were some of the many questions students asked Mr. Longley in regards to being a meteorologist. In addition, students wanted to know what types of courses they need to take to best prepare them for college should they pursue a degree in meteorology.

A goal of the Fulton Jr. High School’s 8-white team is to bring in a guest speaker each quarter of the school year to expose the students to careers related to the different content areas. We hope that by doing this students will find the answer to the commonly asked question; “Why do we have to learn this?”