Metro Center To Host Drug, Alcohol Awareness Training For Supervisors

The term “reasonable suspicion” can be interpreted in different ways, but when dealing with drugs and alcohol in the workplace, the federal government has a specific definition.

The SUNY Oswego Metro Center will offer a pair of two-hour training workshops on Sept. 23 to help human resource managers and supervisors have the specific and correct understanding of the federal laws, to avoid any legal and financial implications. Sessions at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. will outline and explain the regulations and expectations within the law.

“Tolerance of drugs or alcohol in the workplace by doing nothing or ignoring the fact that the problem exists constitutes avoidance of responsibility by management,” said Kathleen M. McDermott, who will present the session. “In court, both a company and its managers may be held accountable for failing to act by not challenging alcohol and drug problems in the workplace.”

McDermott is one of 111 professionals nationally recognized as a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator.

Employers that are regulated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must ensure that all supervisors of drivers receive at least one hour of training on alcohol misuse and at least an additional hour of training on controlled substances use.

The two-hour training session focuses on what reasonable suspicion means and will review the warning signs of both alcohol and drug misuse and abuse. Participants also will learn which substances are included in standard drug tests as well as the signs and symptoms of those substances. McDermott will instruct how to approach an employee suspected of drug or alcohol use and how to document observations.

Participants who successfully complete this training will receive a certificate of completion for their personnel file.

The SUNY Oswego Metro Center, located at Syracuse’s Clinton Square, offers credit and non-credit programs. For more information, or to register, call the Metro Center at 399-4100 or visit