Mexico Academy and Central School District Capital Project Plan aligns with current construction and addresses health and safety improvements

On May 21, Mexico Academy and Central School District voters will decide on a $21,090,076 capital project referendum – a plan to address health and safety improvements at the district’s five school buildings, bus garage, and athletic complex.

In 2010 the district began the Building Condition Survey that is mandated, every five years, by the New York State Education Department Bureau of Facilities Planning. This process is an objective inspection and study of school buildings, facilities and infrastructures. The survey results in a report of the levels of investment that can be anticipated for each building and becomes the basis for a school district to develop long-term planning strategies and a five-year capital plan.

Following this survey and in conjunction with feedback from the community, the Mexico Academy and Central School District Facilities Planning Committee developed a five-year capital plan that will address necessary health and safety improvements and renovations to building infrastructures as well as American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards.

The Facilities Planning Committee brought together a series of individual projects addressing critical facility needs for a 2013 Capital Project Referendum. Through a one-time voter-referendum, the district will be able to complete a series of three smaller projects that are aligned with current construction plans and allow the district to gain efficiencies in work flow, delivery of the instructional core, and cost. “Packaging the project into one vote essentially enables our district to leverage its current position, maximizing productivity and New York State Building Aid,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Pritchard said.

District wide highlights of the project include: District-wide roofing repairs and replacement, enhancing the district’s security program as well as upgrades to the athletic complex at the high school to address sub-surface drainage problems and spectator safety improvements including facilities that are ADA compliant.

Building-specific highlights of the project include: Improvements at the bus garage will address bus bay doors, fuel dispensing, and plug-in capability for bus heaters.

Masonry reconstruction and exterior renovations will take place at the high school to address areas of concern at the main entrance, clock tower, east and west porticos. Heating and ventilation systems will also be addresses as well as boiler and plumbing improvements. Renovations at this building also include an upgrade to the auditorium.

At the middle school the plan includes exterior reconstruction of masonry, ramp, walks, driveways and parking, including a plan to reconfigure traffic patterns to address safety concerns. Other alterations at this building include abatement, floor replacement and a plan to replace deteriorated heating and ventilation equipment and provide increased ventilation.

Mexico Elementary School renovations include ceiling replacements in corridors and classrooms, toilet room reconstruction, plumbing fixture replacement and heating and ventilation systems replacement as well as site improvements to address parking and pedestrian traffic patterns.

Improvements at New Haven Elementary School a gym renovation and the replacement of corridor ceilings and heating and ventilation equipment for classrooms located in the 1964 addition.

Palermo Elementary School renovations include a plan to replace ceilings in the cafeteria and selected corridors, and replace windows in the 1971 addition as well as upgrade the heating and ventilation systems. Masonry reconstruction and primary domestic water system replacement is also slated.

The primary aim for this capital project is to provide a safe, clean, and positive environment, where students can learn and be successful. In achieving these standards, the district also aims to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the school community and making resources and programs accessible to all.

It is estimated that the resulting yearly tax impact of this proposed project would be $47.45 on a $100,000 home. District residents with a basic STAR exemption can anticipate an estimated additional savings of $36 for 2013-14.

District officials have been sharing project details with district staff members during building-specific informational sessions.

Community members are invited to attend any of the following upcoming informational sessions where a complete scope of the project and a highlight of proposed improvements will be available: April 23 at 6 p.m. at the Mexico Middle School Library; April 30 at 6 p.m. at Palermo Elementary School; or May 9 at 6 p.m. at New Haven Elementary School.